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As you may know, the Tokoz congregation is home to many visitors from overseas; some only visit for one Sunday, some come for a few weeks, but many of us have chosen to make Kolozsvar our home for a longer period of time. Those of you who are members of the congregation may have wondered who the rude people are who don't respond when you greet us; we are not trying to be rude, but unfortunately sometimes we just cannot get the correct Hungarian words to make their way from our brains to our mouths quickly enough!

Whilst many of us have tried to learn some basic Hungarian, and whilst you have provided an excellent translation service for us every Sunday, some members of the congregation have felt there is a need for an occasional service to be held specifically for those whose mother tongue is English, and in December 2007, the first English-language service was held. This took the form of a Christmas Carol Service and was very well attended, with many visitors joining us. The service was particularly appreciated by those from overseas who were staying in Cluj during the holiday period, as it enabled us to experience the Hungarian Christmas traditions, but to still enjoy those from our home countries.

During 2008, we hope to hold a service on the third Sunday of each month, starting at 4p.m. The services are quite informal, and anyone with any knowledge of the English language is welcome, as one of the aims of the service is to operate as an outreach to those English speakers who may attend other churches in Kolozsvar, or no church at all. The services are not intended as a replacement for our attendance at Sunday worship held in Hungarian, but as a time of fellowship in a different language, and as an opportunity for those of us whose Hungarian is limited to be able to contribute towards congregational life in Tokoz.

You will all be made very welcome at any of the services, and we pray that God will use this new initiative to bring many visitors or new members into the Tokoz congregation.

Utolsó módosítás: 2010.01.14